We provide sedation dentistry
for patients whose conditions require it.

Sedation helps many children feel more comfortable during their dental visit.

When a child has severe anxiety, a low tolerance for pain, physical handicaps or an inability to sit still for extensive procedures, sedation is an appropriate approach.

Endorsed by American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, there are several types of sedatives including nitrous oxide and oral sedatives. Each child’s needs will vary and require different forms of sedative or anesthetic.

At Konikoff Kids, your Board Certified Pediatric Dentist will give you detailed information about the process of sedation and instructions to follow before and after any sedation. It is important to let us know if your child takes any medication or has any health issues or concerns.

One of the most common types of sedation is nitrous oxide. This mild sedative rarely has side effects. Patients are conscious and able to talk during their sedation. It has a calming effect that particularly helps children who are anxious or who have a fear of the dentist. Some children may feel mild nausea and constipation. Children should not eat for at least one hour prior to their dental appointment if they need nitrous oxide.