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Good oral health in adulthood begins with quality dental care during childhood and adolescence. At Konikoff Kids, we specialize in providing quality dental care for children and teens in a fun and welcoming environment.

What Is Children’s Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry focuses on common dental issues facing children from birth through their teens. In addition to treating common dental issues, such as cavities and gum disease, pediatric dental professionals have advanced training in diagnosing and treating issues involving the development of the teeth, jaw, and mouth.

Should My Child See a General Dentist or Pediatric Dentist?

While general dentists are able to treat certain childhood dental issues, other problems, such as those involving the development of the teeth and mouth, require the expertise of a specialist. Our pediatric dental professionals receive two to three years of training and education beyond dental school focused on the unique and complex dental issues facing children. They also have the expertise to provide advice about protecting your child’s teeth and gums and helping them establish good dental habits.

At What Age Should My Child See a Toddler Dentist?

We encourage parents to take their child to a pediatric dental professional by the age of 1 or 2. Along with regular brushing and flossing, routine dental visits starting at a young age are the best way to prevent cavities and gum disease and identify issues that can affect your child’s dental development. It is natural for young children to be a little frightened, but you can help create a positive experience by rewarding your child afterward with a treat or fun activity.

What Will Your Pediatric Dental Specialists Do for My Child?

Every appointment starts with a comprehensive dental exam and thorough dental cleaning. We will also take X-rays to check for tooth or gum problems that are not visible to the naked eye. If your dentist notices any problems, we will create a treatment plan to address the issue and involve specialists, such as a pediatric orthodontist or pediatric oral surgeon, as needed. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about teething, thumb sucking, or other dental issues that your child may be experiencing.

Can Your Pediatric Dentists Treat My Special Needs Child?

Our dentists have advanced training that allows them to interact positively with children with special needs ranging from developmental disabilities to chronic medical problems. For example, we can use sedation or behavior management techniques to help your child feel safe and relaxed. Our dentists will work with you to create a personalized dental plan to meet your child’s unique needs. Just let us know the nature of your child’s special need when you schedule your appointment so that we can make the appropriate accommodations.

Are Your Children’s Dentists Affordable?

We believe that quality dental care should be within reach of every family. The nature and severity of your child’s dental issue, the types of services required, and the extent of your dental coverage are just a few of the factors that determine the cost of a pediatric dental visit. If you don’t have dental insurance, call our office to find out more about our affordable pricing and convenient financing options.

What Services Do Your Pediatric Dental Specialists Offer?

We are a full-service children’s pediatric dentistry practice. The following are just a few of the services that we offer:

Checkups and Dental Cleaning for Kids

We offer routine checkups and cleanings to protect the health of your child’s teeth and gums. Our dentists can also recommend dietary changes and dental products that you can use at home to improve your child’s oral health.

Gum Treatment

Gum disease can affect children as well as adults. If your child has inflammation along the gumline, our dentist can provide special cleanings and other treatments to correct the problem.

Dental X-rays for Kids

Guidelines from the American Academy of Dentistry encourage the use of X-rays during pediatric dental checkups to identify and diagnose tooth decay, gum disease, and developmental abnormalities involving the teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Pediatric Emergency Dental Services

Damaged teeth, severe toothaches, and other dental emergencies require prompt treatment to alleviate pain and prevent complications requiring extensive dental care.

Dental Anesthesia for Children

Children with an intense fear of the dentist or who have complex dental issues or special needs may require in-office sedation or dental care in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. Our dentists can help you find an anesthesia option appropriate for your child’s age, size, and specific needs.


Many coaches and schools recommend their athletes wear mouthguards because they protect teeth, lips and gums from sports-related injuries. According to the American Dental Association, 10 to 20 percent of all sports-related injuries are maxillofacial injuries. And athletes who don’t wear protective mouthguards are 60 times more likely to suffer damage to their teeth, the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation reports. Although simple ready-made mouthguards can be purchased at sporting goods stores, many children find them uncomfortable and difficult to wear while talking. Let us make a custom mouthguard for your child.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment with One of Your Kids’ Dentists?

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child with one of our dentists, you can either go online or call our office to discuss treatment and payment options.

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