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Teeth that have suffered severe damage due to decay or injury should be treated by a dentist. Failing to treat any issues that you have with your teeth can lead to severe oral health problems down the road. Damaged teeth can be replaced or repaired with tooth fillings or tooth crowns. These commonly utilized dental procedures will return your smile’s function and health. Our team of dentists is available to provide our patients with high-quality restoration work. Our goal is to help you in maintaining and preserving your dental and oral health.

What Is a Tooth Filling?

A tooth filling is comprised of materials such as gold, silver or other similar substances. These materials are used to repair a tooth that is suffering from decay. The repairs return the tooth to its regular shape and function. When a filling is placed, a dentist extracts the decayed material, cleans out the tooth and then places the filling within the cavity. The filling will then protect your tooth from becoming further damaged or decayed.

What Are Tooth Crowns?

Crowns for teeth are prosthetic devices utilized by dentists to repair or replace teeth. They are typically attached to your teeth via the use of high-bond cement, making them impossible to remove unless by a dentist. A tooth crown may also be referred to as a “dental cap.” This is due to the fact that they are used to cover an entire damaged tooth.

Who Can Put in a Filling or Crown?

Dental fillings and crowns can be put in by your general dentist. Once you have had a dental exam, your dentist will provide you with a list of options that you can pursue for restorative treatment. You will also be able to talk to your dentist about insurance and payment options.

How Much Will a Filling or Crown Cost?

The amount of your filling or dental crown cost will vary significantly. This is because all of these treatments are fully customized. The materials utilized, the location of the device and your dental insurance will all be factored into the amount you will owe. Once you have had your initial examination, you will be given a full estimate of the crown or tooth filling cost.

How Many Types of Fillings Are There?

There are many different materials used for tooth fillings. Some of them are even designed to match your teeth. The most popular kinds of fillings are tooth-colored composite, gold, silver amalgam and porcelain. One of our dentists will help you to decide which kind of filling will best meet your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Crowns?

Just like fillings, dental caps are also made out of a number of different materials. Commonly used materials are porcelain-fused-to-metal, gold alloy and ceramic. In the case of tooth crowns, the substance used to make the device is usually determined by where the crown will be placed. For instance, ceramic crowns are typically utilized for the front teeth, while gold crowns are most commonly used for teeth located in the back of the mouth.

What Happens When You Get a Crown?

There are three steps to receiving a new tooth crown. The first step consists of your dentist shaping and preparing the affected tooth. The second step is where your dentist will make a mold of your tooth that will be utilized to make the final crown. You will wear a temporary crown until you come back for your second visit. The third step of receiving a crown consists of your dentist cementing your permanent crown onto your tooth. You can expect each portion of the procedure to take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

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