We want you and your family to have the
optimal dental experience.

Our team is dedicated to great service, the highest quality of care and the wonderful idea that a trip to the dentist should be a fun experience beginning with your child’s first appointment.

Not only do we ensure that our staff members practice the highest standards in pediatric dental care and attain full accreditation and licensing, but we deliver the most advanced care in dentistry through our commitment to continuing education. We also use the latest technological advancements to offer specialty services.

Dr. Amy Namsupak is a pediatric dentist who enjoys helping children achieve optimal dental health.

Dr. Namsupak received her bachelor’s in dental hygiene and a DDS from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry. She completed her residency at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and rainbow Babies& Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. She has excellent experience and of course she loves children.

Because Konikoff Kids is part of the Konikoff family of total dental care, we can treat your child and family throughout their lifetime. Konikoff Dentistry has seven convenient locations in South Hampton Roads. We have an endodontic specialist, and close working relationships with orthodontic specialists in the area.

When you become a patient of Konikoff Kids, you have our entire dental family behind you to take care of you throughout your lifetime. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you and your child.